Roger Bagnall & Taff Cox -
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Photograph courtesy of Dave Barton
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This photograph was presented after some dialogue between Dave and I about names from our past. I made reference to someone (one of many) whom I had not see or heard from for decades and who I recalled quite vividly, yet took me some time to put the name to face in my minds eye. Seeing a very good photo of "Wally" Briggs, the much respected Neptune House NCO I recalled his Leicestershire accent addressing "Bagnall" and that's how Roger's name sprang back into my aging brain cells. Here follows some description from Dave about how this lovely photo came about.


Had to go into the archive Dept. and scan a couple of photos from August 1995, as I said it was Roger & Val's 25th Wedding Anniv. This one shows Roger with Taff Cox on his lap doing his "Ray Allen" type dummy sketch. He (Roger) is still as mad as he ever was mimmicking others.

Dave B.

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