Memorial Bandstand at Walmer
( Photos - courtesy of Graham Hoskins)
Music: - England - 'Land of Hope and Glory' 

01 Musn M. F. Ball

02 Musn T.J.Reeves

03 Musn M. T. Petch

04 Musn C.R. Nolan

Band. Corp.
05 B/Cpl D. MacMillan

Band Corp D. P. Pavey
06 B/Cpl D. P. Pavey
Band Corp. T. J. E. Davis
07 B/Cpl T. J. E. Davis
Musn R. L. Simmonds
08 Musn R. L. Simmonds

09 Musn R.G. Fice

Musn R.M.Jones
10 Musn R.M.Jones


Band Corp. J. A. Cleatheroe
11 B/Cpl J. A. Cleatheroe



Dear Richard,

Thank you for your response. I am delighted to know that the new pictures will be useful. The flowers were placed on the bandstand a little earlier this year to coincide with Sunday's final summer concert given by the Betteshanger Band under the direction of former RMB colleague, David Burridge. Many former members of the Band Service were playing in the band and the concert was well attended. Be assured that Walmer Green remains a very special place in the hearts of many and the Memorial Bandstand is a unique feature of lasting significance.

I send my best wishes and renewed thanks to you for all you have done, and are doing, on behalf of those of us fortunate enough to have spent formative years in the Band Service of the Royal Marines.
Yours ever,

Graham ( 2005)

Dear Richard,

Forgive this intrusion but I personally felt it may be of interest for you to see these individual and beautiful floral tributes placed above each of the plaques on the Memorial Bandstand at Walmer on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the bombing of the RMSM in 1989.

The Memorial Garden in the old barracks, at the actual site of the atrocity, has been splendidly refurbished and is now surrounded by a brick and wrought iron balustrade that has brought national focus to this place in a way that is both uplifting and peacefully appropriate.

Yours ever,

Graham Hoskins. (2004)


Dear Richard,

Following the events of 22nd September these items appeared in the local Deal paper and may be of interest.

Yours ever,

Graham Hoskins.

Deal memorial garden is now "a fitting place of remembrance" for the eleven Royal Marines musicians who lost their lives in the 1989 bombing. This is the view from Principal Director of Music Royal Marines Lt.Col. Cris Davis, who - through the East Kent Mercury - wants to pay tribute to everyone who has helped improve the site. He was at the former School of Music for the annual short service that was held at the exact time of the 22nd September explosion. "I would like to record my sincere thanks to the people who have now made this garden a fitting place of remembrance". "The district council has been at the hub and pulled all the interested parties together focussing quite rightly on the needs of the bereaved families and their specific wishes. Having spoken to relatives after the service I truly believe that they now feel that they have a lasting and appropriate memorial." Lt.Col. Davis also thanked the site developers Bremgreen Properties for help and support and for the local branch of British Legion led by Desmond Bloy, former Commander Royal Navy. "He has valiantly organised the annual remembrance services and he and his team have made tireless efforts to ensure that the service takes place each year in a true act of remembrance and words alone cannot express my gratitude." "I also take this opportunity to thank the people of Deal for their kindness and shared concerns over the future of the garden and their loyalty in remembrance"

Railings Tribute

Blacksmith and former Royal Marine Martin Dawes has created a new set of railings and gates for the Deal Memorial Garden. He served at the Royal Marines School of Music with musicians killed in 1989 and his many hours working on the project have been his personal tribute to the men. Mr Dawes, based in Oxfordshire, said: "My good mates were killed unnecessarily and this is my way of remembering them". He was in the Royal Marines from 1979 until 1993 and his parents live in Deal. The railings and gates feature a variety of musical themes including the stave, the Band Service motif, and musical instruments from A life o the Ocean Wave. Lt.Col. Cris Davis, Principal Director of Music Royal Marines, was pleased with the new railings and gates. He said: "This subtle and unique creation is a work of art in its own right and frames the garden most poignantly."

Ex-Navy man gets Marines' Award

Former Royal Naval Commander Desmond Bloy has been honoured for his work organising the annual service at the Deal Memorial Garden, held for families of victims of the IRA bomb atrocity. He has been presented with a 'Commandant General's Commendation', rarely given to someone outside the Corps of Royal Marines. Mr Bloy, 86, of Middle Deal Road, Deal,. was amazed to receive the award from Lt. Col. Cris Davis, Principal Director of Music Royal Marines. The presentation took place before the annual service in the Memorial Garden at the rear of the former concert hall at the School of Music site off Canada Road. Families and friends of the eleven musicians killed by the 1989 explosion attended with Royal Marines from Portsmouth. The 'Downs Branch President' of the Royal British Legion, Mr. Bloy, said: "The presentation was a complete surprise. I was asked by relatives if anything could be done at the Garden Of Remembrance and the small service has developed over the years." "This year has been particularly splendid as the contractors have just completed a wonderful job to renew the garden. The district council has also done us proud." The adjacent empty concert hall was blackened and left as a ruin by a mystery fire in May 2003. The fire also badly damaged what then was the Garden of Remembrance. Mr. Bloy joined the Royal Navy as a boy in 1939 and left the service in 1982 to settle in Deal in retirement. He said: "It is important that we remember the 1989 bombing at the barracks, and what has now been achieved at the Memorial Garden has been appreciated by the relatives of those who died. At the service on 22nd September they expressed their pleasure at the improvements made."

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