Professor Martin Blogg

You may be interested in the attached picture of a former Band Service colleague, Martin Blogg. When he left the Corps he set up his own successful UK Ballet Company 'SPRINGS' before moving to Australia where he now lives. He has had a successful career in academia and returns to Cambridge University most years during the summer months during which time he writes and publishes books on Philosophy. Whilst most impressed at his achievements I have told him that he looks like a bull-fighter in his cherished academic dress!

Martin Blogg was a cornet/violin player having joined at Deal in the early 1950s. He will be remembered by many from that time. He left the Corps, I believe, when his 'twelve' came up. It was either that or he took redundancy when it was offered to a number of our colleagues. He was well thought of by FVD at about the same time as John Watson (Euph & Cello) was. Both were academics really with John going on to be the equivalent of a Bishop in the Egyptian Coptic Church whilst retaining his ordained links with Christianity in UK. As I mentioned earlier Martin went on to Cambridge eventually to become a respected Fellow of that august institution. He has bequeathed a specific endowment for the eventual education of one student a year in Classical Dance at Cambridge University that will begin when he has died. However, there is no sign of that being anytime soon!

Graham Hoskins

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