From the Kidd Collection

Dear Richard, I`ve just had a call from Jock Brown who has had technical problems with his computer and asked me to pass this on.

The fellow with the moustache is B/Sgt Terry Williams. The pic was taken at the annual Dover Patrol Memorial service up on the White Cliffs at St Margarets in 1966.

Master Sgt Bob Fleischauer USMC, whom Jock had met in the States on Fred`s tour the previous year, was the art editor of the US Marines journal 'The Leatherneck' and had come over and was spending a week with Jock & Thelma in Folkestone in between Corps visiting. Charlie Bowden is self-evident of course.
So; a final definitive answer from the only survivor of the quartet. Thanks to Jock for laying it to rest.

Best Terry (Freestone)

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