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Dear Rich,

This very minute K, Julie, Blake and myself have returned from a most enjoyable day onboard! Had an e-mail from Steve Quirk who was at the time in Tonga, said "I don't know you but have read plenty from Dickie's page on you and your family in NZ. We shall be docking in Auckland on Sunday the 9th and I would love to invite you down for a look around and lunch by the pool".

That of course was an invite we couldn't turn down so dressed in our Sunday best we toddle off to be met by Steve at the gangway.

What a day, wow! We were so impressed. He has a super job as security, wears his 2 1/2 rings with distinction, and to prove it I attach a photo taken just prior to lunch, you may be able to place it on the notice board. Will be back in touch so don't go far, tata for now mate.

By the way I am informed that a couple of our colleagues have recently passed on, Roger Rowatt, Alto and Fiddle in Cornwall, we did our Juniors together and both failed, I bounced back but dear Roger took life too serious and eventually the drink got to him. Then, Arthur Crane died on Feb 1st, his son emailed me from UK, well mate that's a bit of good and bad news, so I'm off.

Our love,

Max and Katherine

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