Herman 'Nobby' Clarke re-establishes contact with Roy Kaighin
Another successful reunion
Hi Richard,

After placing a message on your Guestbook, I am now in contact with my old mate Roy Kaighin, who I served with in HMS. Pembroke just before I left the Band service. I asked him to let me know what he has been doing over the years, and was amazed at his achievements since going to Canada. I asked him if I could pass on what he told me, knowing it would be of interest to many other ex RMB,s who knew him. He asked me to forward his reply on to you, so here it is. You will see that on the 30th of March 2012, Roy has been nominated by the Lieutenant Governer of British Columbia to be awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal, something that in my opinion should be made known to all our ex RMB family. I have told him about your web site, and hope he will visit it in the future. As I said though, he did ask me to pass this on to you for him. Hope it will be of interest to you.



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Hi Roy,

Now we are in contact, I for one would like to maintain it. As my skills in computing are somewhat limited, and my main p/c is getting old I thought it may be a good idea if we exchanged postal details. Here are mine. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. Send me yours if you wish and then at least we can put each other on our respective Xmas Card list.

I have been looking again at your Facebook page. What was the presentation for that you were awarded, and when did you leave the Military? Sorry to ask so many questions, but we really would like to know what has been hapening in your life after all the years since we last met. Sandra tells me that our last meeting was when we visited you in Canterbury, but I cannot remember that at all.

I am now retired, and have been for 5 or 6 yrs now. One of our favourite pass times is Birdwatching, which I do very often with my son Michael. Sandra likes to come sometimes, but does not walk too well these days.
Anyway mate, I will close for now.

All the Best from Nobby, Sandra and Michael.


Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 18:32:46 -0700
From: maestro_canada@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: Just a thought.
To: sannob@hotmail.co.uk

Hi there Nobby,

It's great that we're in contact after all these years. Our address is:

Roy & Diane Kaighin

Phone is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Please note that we are 8 hours BEHIND UK

As for the presentation. I was nominated by His Honour the Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia to be awarded the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal, which I shall receive on Friday March 30th 2012. Two years ago, I received an E-Mail from His Honour asking me to meet with him for Lunch and discuss arranging one of his Music Compositions. He dedicated the music to the Province and called the Music BRITISH COLUMBIA. I arranged the Music for Concert Band and Symphony Orchestra. Recently, I was asked to arrange it for the Victoria Police Choir for their Concert in December this year.

I Retired from the Royal Marines in May 1994. We actualy moved to Canada on Friday, March 18th 1994. The following Tuesday, just four days later, I took over as Conductor of the Royal Westminster Regiment. A year later I was also appointed Assistant Director of Music for the Band of the 15th Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery. I was also invited to teach the Conductor's Course in Borden Ontario. In 1998 I took over as Pianist and Staff Music Arranger for the Navy Band in Victoria, the NADEN BAND. This position I held from October 1998 till my Retirement on 15 July 2011, my 60th Birthday.

That`s it for now Shipmate. Please give my Best Wishes and Kind Regards to Sandra, Dean, Michael and Suzanne.

Safe Journeys always,


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