Russell "Taff" Thomas (roll over mouse)
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- Ex Ply Group Band 1955-68

"Taff" Thomas and Ron Mackay

Russ Thomas (Taff) and Ron Mackay.


Dear Rich

Sent this photo to George Wood and he cleaned it up a little, maybe you can open it up now it's been through the system, this is of me Russ Thomas (Taff) and Ron Mackay.
We joined the School in Deal in October 1952 and were both in Gloucester House.

Lynne sent the original on hearing of Ron's passing, if you remember, but you were unable to 'open' it.

It was taken 52/53, on the way to supper from East Bks down the gravel path to the dining hall, calling in to B.M. White in the library who was the official photographer!

The truly good old days!

Russ Thomas (ex Ply Group Band 1955-68)
in about 1955

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