West Germany & England moving on to the pitch for what turned out to be an historic and memorable day.

Regarding the big day, as I've said, we the Whale Island band stayed until after the final whistle. The band changing rooms were above the players tunnel next to the media rooms. We were allowed access to the tunnel and allowed free access to enjoy this great day. I know our memories tend to get a little foggy with age! But anyone witnessing what we were lucky enough to share. WOW!
Sorry to the doubters but my memory is Crystal Clear. An experience never ever to be forgotten.
One of the lucky participants



It's not my wish to prolong the issue of the Wembley differences of opinion but these photos were taken after the match, and although they are 50 years old they clearly show some of us celebrating at the end of this memorable match. Minus helmets and other regalia. The National Anthem was also played at the presentation of the cup. So who played it if the Royal Marine Band didn't?


The persons concerned are myself, next to me is Ray Grant (French Horn) and John Tucker (Percussion) the England players are Nobby Stiles, Bobby Charlton and Martin Peters.
There is no way we left at Half Time as on arrival the coach drivers went elsewhere to park and would have got nowhere near Wembley.

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