Mick 'Zoonie' Howarth
Responds to Graham Hoskins' letter and is an open letter to all Mike's ex RMB colleagues.

Dear Graham

I reread your email this afternoon while listening to Radio 3. The BBCSO were playing Tchaikowsky's Pathetique so as you can imagine there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

As ever, your eloquence in writing conveyed very well to me your memories of our service together. I'm afraid that many moves have meant I no longer have my copy of the letter you refer to but I do remember its content with pride.

That rendition of the bassoon song could have gone either way couldn't it? I'm forever grateful to the first member of the audience to laugh, they turned it into the farce it became instead of a quiet embarrassment!

So many memories of Scotland and the Yacht... and of Margaret and hot pants!

There is an advantage in knowing I'm dying and in my friends knowing as well. Nature has very kindly made it easier for me by instilling, not resignation, but acceptance, perhaps of the situation which has given me the chance to say things I've always meant to say to those closest to me. To tell my son and daughter how proud I am of them as well as the grandsons and granddaughters they've blessed my life with. To tell friends how important they were in my life and I include you and Margaret amongst those.

You entitled your email huge sadness here... Please don't be sad, I'm not. I'm thankful for a long and fruitful life where I've travelled the world and met and laughed with a great number of wonderful people. I remain in good spirits in the bosom (and my love of bosoms is well documented) of my exceptional family including my son who's only an hour away and his wife and boys.

Talk about me at reunions with not just a smile, but raucous laughter. I'll be listening!

Please pass on my love and thanks to all who knew me in that wonderful Band Service, I love you all!!!

Mike "Zoonie" Howarth

[Webmaster] Mike requested that this letter be published on our web site.

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