REUNION 2019 - 'Take two!'
*** Response ***
By Mike Hutton

I have received a reply from the editor of the Blue Band WO1 Simon Tripp who informs me that he does not accept any of my criticisms about the Saturday evening of this years reunion.

His main point about the event was that the serving Band Service wanted to show off their ex prison ‘enclave & buildings’ (as he put it) so he wouldn’t accept that keeping most of us standing in the lower Prison Block (now a practice area) for a speech barely audible from above! He also mentioned that the reason for holding the event there was so that we could check out and wander through the buildings !!

(I think he may not quite understand what the reunion is for !!)

The non ‘Band Display’ now turns out to be lack of numbers in training rather than lack of space, but added that the musical support was greater because of the two instrumental groups and drum beatings.

He then added that he considered the event offered good value with the music at ‘Nil cost!’ I wasn’t sure what he meant by that remark ..(By the way I wouldn’t normally pay £20 for a take away Curry...) There was no mention of putting my letter in the next BB so I presume that’s a no, nor was there any mention of checking out other comments on Dickie's web-site especially the one from Bob Rawson’s daughter Jan, however next year if I’m still around, it will be just the Memorial Service & the RMA afterwards for me.

Hope I’m not sounding too bitter ...Best wishes to all ex members of our wonderful Band Service..

Mick Hutton.

Former Bandmaster Royal Marines.

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