West Country Reunion - 2007
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We held the WCR on the 21st of April, everyone appears to have had a great evening and was a great success. The only problem was the PA system which will be corrected for next year. It was a great evening for me as I met up with Wally Waters (french horn) who I had not seen since 1958. We joined together and his number was one prior to mine, also a John Waters from Portugal who turned out to be an alto sax who served in the old Plymouth band under Captain Lang with me. He said he thought he would not know many but ended up with pals he joined up with and some twenty odd people he knew. A great evening for him. It was HM's birthday so a toast was given to her majesty and a toast to absent friends which we always give. This year the toast was proposed by ex DOM Mick Goss.

I will send some photos very soon as I know everyone looks forward to them. The oldest member attending was Jan Greenleaf 87 he promised to come next year God willing! We were hoping to present a Blue Peter badge to one member who had handed it in with his no.1 tunic but that's a long story however he has been re-united with his medal and very pleased too I hear.

Some 70 ex bandsmen intended to come unfortunately we had three absentees due to illness there were 126 people attending and as far as I am aware had a great time.

Many have pledged to come next year which will be held same place on the 19th of April. Put it in your diary now chaps. Many thanks to all who cancelled gigs and made the effort for a wonderful evening see you next year.



- Photo's still being added as of June 12th

Special Photo Album (Flash)
(33 photos)

01 - George Rumming - Ray Watts - Cliff Meatheringham

02 - "Sticks" Howard - Jan Greenleaf - Ivan Petters - Ray Watts

03 - Mick Goss - Dave Rogerson

04- Trombones en masse

From "Bart" Bartholomew - click on image for full size.

Courtesy Peter Westaway - more to come keep checking in

05 - Mr & Mrs Ivan Petters

06- Mr & Mrs Ray Watts

07- D. White Phil Hughes Russ Davies

08 - Jan Greenleaf G Rumming "Sticks" Howard

09 - Mr & Mrs W Chamberlaine

10- T. Lambert J. D. Waters

Photo's below courtesy Jackie Semple

11- D. Scott. Russ Thomas. E. Gaze

12 Bart Bartholomew Paul Harker
P. Nelson

Dave Pratley and Jon Jones

14 - Mr & Mrs George Latham

15 - Paul Harker doing the snooze

16 - Names besides John Bushell please

17- Derek Scott

18 - The Harkers

19 -Trombones on form

20- Paul Harker

21- Derek Scott and Bart

22 - John Bushell &
(can you help us)

23 - Dave Rogerson

24- Tony Oliver and Al White

25 Colin Bath

26 - Tony Oliver, Jackie Semple, Steve Swann

27 - Ann Swann, Terry Lambert & Alison Oliver

28- Ann Swann, Alison and Tony Oliver

29 - Bill Hartland

Below courtesy of Paul Harker

30 - Paul Harker, Dave Pratley, Bart Bartholomew, Dave Barton

31- Dave Lambert, Paul Harker, Dave Barton

32- Dave Barton, Derek Roberts, Jackie Semple

33 Russ Davies

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