HMS Exeter Survivor

 My Dear Richard,

Has anyone yet told you that we have discovered that living right here in Adelaide is the remaining survivor of the band of HMS Exeter. RMBX1179 Musician Ted Jones, joined the RNSM at Deal in 1938. His first and only ship was the Exeter, sunk in the Far East, with the loss of almost half the band, the remainder being taken prisoners of war by the Japanese. They were imprisoned in the Celebes Islands, two of them being sent to Japan. The Bandmaster was a hero, both in the words of his men and in the words of his OCRM. If ever a man deserved a really meritorious medal it was him. The men were finally repatriated to the UK shortly after the war's end and Ted Jones (whom I have spoken to) came to Australia.

He raised a family of 3 sons and 2 daughters and I shall know more about him when I get the opportunity to have a word with him later this week. The PDM has been kind enough to send a presentation book to him and some music on disc. I am hoping that the Blue Band may be able to spare a couple of back copies for him to read. He seems a lively character from the telephone conversation I have had with him, but like all of us octogenarians.......... his memory plays tricks. Anyway, I thought you would like to be privy to this exciting news.

Your as ever


PS: (by Eric Hayward)

We here in Oz have recently received information that a long lost RMB survivor from the sinking of HMS Exeter in the Battle of the Java Sea in 1942 is alive and well. He is Ted Jones, now 85 years old. He was taken prisoner by the Japanese and remained a POW until 1945. Now in residence in an aged care home in Norwood, South Australia. He is hoping to be able to contact a fellow shipmate, AT King, who was the author of an article from the Blue Band online: see

If anyone knows A T King could you please pass on this info and ask him to contact either myself at the above addres or Bob Chumley email: Can we try and make an elderly member of our extended family happy. I hope so.

Eric Hayward



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