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The RMB Reunion 2010
by Derek Usher


Damn! we all missed you this year old chum! - Shame you couldn't be there for, (as always) it was well worth the entrance money! - The School Band augmented by their instructors, Collingwood Fanfare Team, & flanked by two sets of timp's, dustbins & everything else percussion! Even synchronised pyrotechnics were added to the finale to make the overall sound more impressive than ever, as the bar continues to rise year on year !!

The Conductor/Bandmaster (training) WO1 Dean Waller, not only choreographed the whole performance, but wrote the march Ark Royal & arranged no less than 5 numbers within the display too. He's some guy with an amazing imagination & attention to detail. - The opening ceremony was absolutely stunning as it began with the ethereal "Le Reve" beautifully sung by a girl trainee muso' accompanied by a single senior Muso' on Cello. (Sorry, I don't have their names) & it gradually built & built, until the band came in to continue the glorious swell. (Hairs on the back of your neck time!) - If you haven't a copy of the prog' or can't get one, I'll try to scan & send you together with the Cathedral Service on Sunday. The Orch' needless to say, was truly magnificent once again & the whole service, with Choir & fanfare team continuing to lift the spirits of even the weakest of souls!!

Finally if there's any way that you can put forward a huge thanks to Bill Callow who arranged a superb buffet/banquet for us hungry souls at the RMA club on completion, I'd appreciate it. It was truly wonderful & a great lunchtime session of imbibing `& additional lamp swinging!! - except that I didn't win the sodding raffle Bill!

I'm sending you over just a few pics from my camera taken on the Sunday. I could have done better but forgot to use the darned thing after a while!! But I'm sure others will help out as there were enough cameras clicking all around us!

Cheers mate!


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