Irfon (Taff) Higgins' 50th!
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2/70 New Entry Squad
2/70 New Entry Squad

Hi there Richard!

Please find attached a couple of photographs.

The first is the 2/70 New Entry Squad at the Royal Marines School of Music, Deal.

Dave Bromley, of the Royal Band at Portsmouth, is the only one in the picture that is still serving, almost 35 years on!

I see that you visited your brother in Wales quite recently. The other photo features myself and Irfon (Taff) Higgins admiring the excellent view across the Brecon Beacons.

Billy Walker - Irfon (Taff )Higgins

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Taff left the RMBS in 1985 to pursue a career in the 'Old Bill' whilst I carried on and did 26 years, retiring in 1996 (incidentally, that was longer than what the Great Train Robbers got!)

A couple of weeks ago, my wife Val and I paid a surprise visit to Taff to help him celebrate his 50th birthday. (The majority of the 2/70 squad on the photo will be 50 this year!)

Alas, a few of those pictured are no longer with us. I will mention a couple: Clive Allison (who changed over to be a RM Drill Instructor) and Brian Goldsmith (Solo Cornet) Both of these guys were great friends and tragically lost their lives early in life.

As you can see, we are both 35 years older than our squad photo! Taff is as grey as a badger and I'm now wearing specs (like many others, I guess!)

Keep up the excellent work with the website.

Best regards

Billy Walker
French Horn (Rtd)
Ex RMB 1970-1996

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