The 1968 Royal Tournament Massed Bands
I could give you lots of names, but it might be more interesting if you ask readers to help?
Anyway the front two rows are LtoR......Major Paul Neville, Col. Sir Vivian, Capt Jim Pottle and B/M Dougie Drake.

2nd row in No 1s......Bugle Maj Close, B/M Ben Finney, Drum Majors Charlie Bowden, Colin Bowden, John Porter, Alfie Lamming & Ken Booth. (Ken must be the only Band Rank ever to grace Earls Ct as a Drum Major!) Bugle Maj Don Hawdon, B/M Jim Bearman and B/M Mick Hutton. All the guys in Lovets were support staff, those in white are the Dance Band, the rest you takes your choice. If anyone can come up with at least 20 other names the beer is on me in Adelaide on the first weekend in December when many of us get together for the great OZ reunion.

Michael Hutton

Click on each separate image for an incredibly good quality view
Congratulations Michael on preserving one of the best massed bands photos I have ever seen.

You could suggest it a little unfair of me, seeing as I am the one presenting this historic photo for all to view after almost 4 decades. Here are as many names that I can put to faces so far and any additional names from our viewers would be most welcome.

Pete Selby, Bob Loft, John Hillier, Dave Aves, Roger Whitehouse, Alan Witcher, Jim Atkins, Rodney Preston, Dave Stockham, "Max" Beare, John Buberle, Colin Brocklbank, Dave Fillingham, Dave Cole, Tony Overton, Derek Roberts, Tony Oliver, Bert Parton, Malcolm Kennard, Vic Sylvester, John Sharp, Mick Jones, Colin Solomon.

Do I qualify Michael?



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