Royal Tournament Band - 1948

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Just read Tom Lambert's questionnaire & can fill in one or two blanks.

* The band was 200 strong not 400, perhaps we played so well that it sounded like it.

* 5. Trevor White-Sansom, Mick McKoy, Len Green and Max Beare. Handford. Brisley.

* 6. Not Charlie Bowden ! There were four drum majors, all RNSM senior NCOs.

NB The drum majors had a synchronised mace tossing routine, mainly after the massed bands split into four. Don't remember any being dropped ! The tenor drummers & cymbal bashers also worked in unison whether in the combined ensemble or split.

All in all, a remarkable achievement, especially on the part of Mr Lang. Also, at that point in time, it was quite important for the future of the Band Service, to demonstrate to the top brass a "Can Do" capability - which was achieved.

Would have wished the attachment was better quality, but technology's moved on a bit since 48. However, it is of the RT Bands dress rehearsal on the Broadwell Grove playing field looking onto the galley & dining hall.

We live approx 8 miles from the old BG site & for quite a few years I drove past it on the way home from work every day. Unoccupied & gradually crumbling away, the Bradwell Grove Village is a kindness in putting the poor old beast out of its misery. But wouldn't want to live there myself, in those posh little boxes.



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