John Meir
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Dear Richard,

I had the site up this morning June 6th. It is amazing how fast out of the blocks some people are. I sent a few images to Michael Thompson that I took of his Band Concert in Melbourne last weekend and within a couple of days they are going round the world!
What a great job Michael has done with this group of musicians. Keep up the good work.

I am delighted that my photographic skills have proved useful. On that note I won a gold medal in Austria last month from over 40.000 entries, not bad for a bandy!

I also went into the site and looked at the images from the West Country reunion. George Latham if you see this message, I would love to hear from you. I can still see you on the Torpoint Ferry with your Euph!

Has anyone heard from Richard Polly Perrett talking about the West Country? He came from Mere in Somerset.

By the way Lofty you still owe me a reply!

I am very appreciative of your efforts Richard I think I have exhausted my request for contacts BUT one last thing before I leave this. It's 50 years ago on June 15th since I signed up and if any of the 4/58 squad are out there I raise a glass to you and yours.

Kind regards John Meir.

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