Graham Hoskins visits Max Beare

Max, Margaret & Graham

Max, Graham & Joe Simms

Margaret & Graham

Graham & Margaret

Margaret & Graham

My dear Richard,

Firstly we hope that you are well and looking after yourself, we were a little worried as to your absence, just shows you, none of us ex RMBs can escape for long, anyway Graham and Margaret are now safely back on the Gold Coast, after a simply wonderful holiday in Godzone.

I say one thing, they mucked in and helped out with all the chores, nothing like seeing a Col. washing up. We dined out a few times to help K out as catering became a problem after Thursday as K had a fall in the garden and broke her hand, which is worse than we first thought, had to take her back on Sunday to have the plaster reset, she is ok now and a lot more comfortable, so guess who is now in charge, none other than the old fella.

How do you boil an egg? Okay then will keep it short, so long as you are ok that's all that matters.

Bye for now

Bern and K x

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