Michael Hutton
Michael Hutton's visit to AUSTRALIA
Mini Reunion II - 2005
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Hi Dickie.

At last I'm able to pass on some info on our fantastic 8 weeks "down under". During Feb and March my wife Maureen and I had a wonderful holiday in Thailand for a week - 3 weeks in NZ - 3 weeks in OZ - and a final week in Singapore.

During our stay in Australia I had prior to the trip made arrangements to meet up with Bob Chumley and Tom Lambert in Adelaide. Little did we know at the outset that it would turn into a 'mini' reunion. Before our journey I had been in touch with Eric Hayward via the RAAF to find out what had happened to my old friend Ron Champion - who sadly had died some years ago. (There is an obituary elsewhere on the website). Eric and his partner Jan had decided to drive up from Bendigo near Melbourne to join up with us in Adelaide for the two day visit.

Marge, Jan, Maureen, Sandra and Carole
Tom and Barry checking someone's papers!
Bob and myself
The guys!
The girls
Carole and Bob
Barry and Sandra
Jan and Eric
Just to prove we were there!

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We stayed with Ron and Carole Chumley who were magnificent hosts, making us feel at home from the minute we stepped off the plane. Tom and Eric were also at the airport to greet us. The following morning Tom and Marge picked us up and gave the tour of Adelaide and showed us the area where they have spent the last 30 odd years since leaving the UK to settle in OZ. The afternoon was spent at Bob and Carole's where we had to prepare for the evening dinner. What a surprise! There was Tom and Marge, Bob and Carole, Eric and Jan and then in came Barrie Baker and his wife Sandra. A photo on his page will show from L to R. Sandra, Bob, Myself, Tom, Marge, Carole, Eric and Jan. Another one also showing the five of us and in addition another one showing the girls Marge, Jan, my wife Maureen, Sandra and Carole.

We had a wonderful evening, and you may notice in the picture of the 5 of us the "All Stars Programme" Tom had just received from the UK that very day.

The following day was open house at Bob and Carole's home and by midday everyone was there. As you may have guessed there were many old ships stories, and perhaps many ex RMBs around the world who's ears were burning as we had their papers out!

We had a truly wonderful couple of days. We were seen off by all at the airport the following day certainly I shed a few tears, but hope that one day we can do it again.

Michael & Maureen Hutton
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