Report by Derek Usher
RMB REUNION 2006 - Portsmouth
Attendance List
Photo Album by 'Dickie' Valentine

John Masters, Sid Sheard, Jock Brown, Stan Puttrell, Ivan Petters

Mik Hickman & Andy Cunningham

Andy Hill & Richard Wright

Tom Mailey & Tony Oliver

"Hooky" Walker

Dave Seed, Carol and Bill Callow


Mik Hickman

John Ambler

Mr & Mrs Pat Hill
Derek Roberts & Stewart Elms
Bob Cummings &

"Hooky" Walker & Stan Puttrell

David Yates, Ivor South & Mick Scurfield

John Bushell, George Tate, John Griffiths
Taff Simpson & John Griffiths
John Yates & Stewart Elms

John Masters, Jock Brown, Bob Rawson & Ray Watts

Ray Watts & Derek Roberts

Roger Hollingworth,
Andy Cunningham, John Wright, Tom Mailey
Glyn Oremek, Rachael Oremek, Barbara Pescud, Sid Sheard, Eddie Pescud, Tuula Wright

Gordon Benville, Andy Cunningham and Tony Oliver
Pete Nelson & Bart Bartholomew
Dave Seed & Roger Hollingworth

Roger Hollingworth, Sid, Tommy Lawton & Tony Oliver
John Yates with Mick & Helen Button Stu Mcleod & Terry Wood Jem & Pam Tugwood
Tina Salmon with Sid Sheard

Jem, Pam and Derek Usher

Pam Tugwood, Derek Usher

John Wright & Steve Salmon

Dickie Valentine & John Wright
We had a fabulous time - you should have been there!
An impeccable display Barbara Pescud, Sid Sheard, Eddie Pescud & Tuula Wright Sandra Clarke, Bob Cummings, Knobby Clarke Stewart Elms, Stuart Mcleod, Bob Cummings, Bart' Bartholomew
Rachael Oremek, Ken White, Barbara Pescud, Sid Sheard 

Bart & Bushey

Pete Nelson & Roger Hollingsworth

Two drinks Callow

Dickie, Tony and Dave Barton

Dave Barton & Tony Oliver
Rab Thompson, Terry Wood & Stu McLeod

Sid, Dave Seed, Dickie & Carol Callow

Tom Mailey, Dave Seed, Steve Salmon & John Wright

Fun at Wetherspoons
Pompey City Center

Terry Wood, Stu McLeod & Bill Callow
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