Tony Oliver & Bob Graham lend a hand in Spain
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Dear Richard

Tony (Anthony) Oliver and Bob (Robert) Graham came out over the weekend to help me fence in the area around the swimming pool. I picked them up from Granada airport on the evening of 15th March and dropped them back at the airport today the 19th of March.

As you can imagine it was 'work hard' and 'play hard'! The mission (should they decide to accept it) was to erect a chain link fence two meters high and nearly fifty meters long around the lower part of the property. Between intense periods of hard physical work we managed to find a few hours to do what Tony Oliver does best. Drink copious amounts of LAGER!

I am extremely grateful for all the hard work they did for me. The weather was fine and warm and the lager was clear and cold! I would have found it very difficult to do on my own and the end result was well worth the very slight liver damage I have suffered!

Here is the story in pictures.....

John Pring

What a great weekend. Thanks guys!

01 -
Tony Screws Around

Tony relaxes
02 - Tony Relaxes

03 - The Posts go Up

The Paella goes down
04 - The Paella goes Down

05 - The Fencing
becomes Vertical

06 - Tony becomes Horizontal Again

07 - Bob enjoys some Sunday afternoon Sport

08 - Tony thinks it's a "cue" for a Song


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