A Ripple Gathering
September 22, 2023

Graham Hoskins

Yesterday was a quite remarkably successful day overall. Delightfully dignified both at the 0800 Service in the memorial garden and at the Plough. Numbers down for lunch with some people expected not there for personal reasons. This resulted in some ‘doggie bags’ of excellent small eats so journeys home to far off places will have been better enjoyed than otherwise. Colleagues had come from afar. Amazing!

PDM, Colonel Jase Burcham, was in his usual good form at the Ripple lunch and having given us a welcome update on current trends in the Band Service left us with hearts glowing afresh with pride in the family to which we all belong. Steve Misson, who had organised the gathering welcomed wives of those who had crossed the bar in recent years. This was again a time of valued reminiscence and reflection. A gathering of comrades and friends that brought renewed sunshine into often lonely lives. How good to see the years fall away to reveal people much younger than they really are. For men to have memories recalled from times serving on ships far from home where men needed each other and knew it. I think I can say that we all left the Plough with warm smiles after a hugely memorable occasion. Graham.

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