Together Again!
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Jackie (Paddy) Semple (Trombone) 'Bart' Bartholomew (Solo Clart) Derek Roberts (Clart & Violin)

It was that time of year again. Paddy Semple, Bart Bartholomew and myself met for our annual reunion at the Dartmouth Regatta on Saturday 31st Aug 2002. Paddy once again flew over from Ireland and I drove to Dartmouth where we met at Bart's house for a superb salad meal laid on by Bart's wife Marylyn. The first Photo is of Paddy - Bart- Derek taken in the garden with a little sustenance to hand.

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Derek Roberts (Clart & Violin) 'Bart' Bartholomew (Solo Clart) (Paddy) Jackie Semple (Trombone) John Lusher (percussionist).

The second photo was taken outside a pub InDartmouth where we also met up with John Lusher (percussionist). The last photo is Bart who after 30 years of not playing his clarinet but has recently has taken it up again though the mouthpiece should go where his digit is stuffed?

'Bart' Bartholomew (Solo Clart)







Paddy and John joined the RMB in 1961 while Bart and Derek joined in 1962 some 40+ years ago. Doesn't time fly when you are enjoying yourself.


We look forward to the next meeting.

Derek Roberts

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