Howstrake Now!
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Howstrake now

Hi Rich!

Had this pic sent to me from Dave Webster, which I sincerely thank him for. It was taken by him just a few years ago whilst on holiday.

This was the R.N.S.M, Junior Wing Establishment in the 1940's. Howstrake Camp, Isle of Man. Like most of us that remember those halcyon(?) days, time has had it's effect. All that remains are the Wash House & Parade Ground. (That sums up my sex life these days). The path in the foreground leads up to the gatehouse & the cornfield top left was our Football/Sports field. "The last one there, goes back & does it again". The quote of Cpl PTI. Jock Hunter. Poor ol' "Gash" Martin used to win this award quite regularly.

The small concrete patch, lower right was the base of our Anti-Aircraft Defence System?
(see Don Flounders' Memoirs) I believe that the building front, far right were barrack rooms G23. & G31, recruit squad accommodation. Can anyone confirm this please?

When I first saw this pic I had mixed emotions and I hope others will. Time is a great healer of wounds, but on the plus side, the friends & comradeship that was there has now spanned a lifetime and could never be matched in civvy street, and no matter how we fared in the Band Service from D.o.M's down to Musicians we have a common bond, that of IOM Band Boys.

Cheers now, Gone me.

Roy "Nobby" Slater

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