"Taff" Ruffle at 60!
Taff Ruffle's 60th birthday in Dartmouth

Bart Bartholomew and Taff Ruffle


There was a mini reunion last weekend on Saturday 23rd July at the Windjammer pub in Dartmouth, this was organised by Bart for Taff Ruffle's 60th birthday. In attendance were Russ Davies, Brian 'Eggy' Hobbs, Derek Roberts, Nobby Clark, John Lusher, Bart Bartholomew, Taff Ruffle, plus two others who's names escape me.

As usual the proverbial 'lamp' was swinging as was the beer flowing for some. Well someone had to drive! I believe other photos will follow.

Best wishes

DR (Derek Roberts)

Dear Dickie.

Number two son has been over to show an old codger new technology, so I hope these reach you across the pond.

Here are two photo's from Taff Ruffle's 60th birthday in Dartmouth. From left to right Knobby Clark, Derek Robert's, Eggie Hobbs, Bart, Taff, Russ Davies, Keith Boswell, and Dave Warren. The only one missing from the photo is John Lusher who I believe was doing what bandies know best and getting the whets in.

Sorry to those who asked about the do, but accommodation in Dartmouth at this time is a no-no so had to keep it low key.

Bart (Bart Bartholomew)

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Knobby Clark, Derek Roberts, Eggie Hobbs, Bart, Taff, Russ Davies, Keith Boswell, and Dave Warren

Russ Davies, "Eggie" Hobbs, Derek Roberts

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