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Hello Sailor II.
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Dear Richard

Oh to be in Auckland now the cruising season is here. For the second time in as many weeks Katherine and I have been privileged to have known two ex RMB's with positions on well known Cruise Liners. First we met Steve Quirk, who's picture featured recently, then yesterday it was the turn of Alan Webb, who as it turns out happened to be the son of Ken Webb, who, as an ex RMB himself served with me during his own period of service.

This all came out during our reminiscing. Of course many papers were strewn about and names kept flashing through the night like it was an unqualified reunion. If your ears were burning at all on Sunday the 23rd February that was the reason, however so as not to hog the limelight I attach a photograph which will show us both in all our glory

All the very best,


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