Band of The C in C East Indies Station HMS Gambia taken in 1956
Broadcasting Studios Radio Bahrain

Back Row from left to right

Standing B/M Graham Shipway, two unknown Arab technicians, seated Frank Tomlin, Vic Asher, standing Eric Hayward, Brian Oates, Pete Howse

Centre Row

All seated. Ted Lee, Ray Banning, Pete Redfern, -?- Neil Ashley, -?- Dennis Swann, Ron Kempton, Ron McKay, Pete McRoy, Ron McCallum

Front Row
All seated. Terry Parker, Buster Elver, Harry Henshaw, Dip Hillman, Jim Phillips, Sailor Brown, George Brookes.

Band members missing from photo were,
Ken [Jan] Keast, John Bradshaw

Few nicknames but that's all they were known by, also two Christian names I can't bring to mind, those of Ashley and Swann

Kind regards
Eric Hayward

PS: I have no idea how you do things at your end but it is absolutely great to be able to view things from so many years ago. Richard, if I may say so, you are brilliant.

PPS: [Editor] If it were not for my assistant these amazing pages would not be so interesting but I thank you for your kindness. It is a privilege to create all this on your behalf.

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