HMS Glasgow 1953
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Hi Richard.

My thanks go to Mick Hutton for this photo (left) and getting me in touch with Dave Emery after 58 years. Taken in Cannes 1953. Dave with the Big Laugh and myself in the centre. A few names missing from my memory.

? Jack Diamond B/master, Dave Walton cpl. Keith Ballard. Henry Garratt. Hough cpl. Dave Emery. ?. Oates. Scouse Kenny. Noel Crook. Chunky Conner. Jock Brown. ?. Pete Eddie. ?. ?. Ted Perkins Sgt. Pip Phillips. ?. Faggots Noyce. ?. Dawkins cpl. Lou Lacey.

Anyone out there who put names to others missing. Also photo of some of the Band with Lord Louis Mountbatten CinC at the time. Dave Emery was awarded the MBE in Feb this year for services to the RNA Wonderful. Dave and I had some real good times in Malta which he reminded me of.

Keep up the great work on the site. HMS Hood is still on going.

My very best wishes to all your readers

Noel Crook ex RMBx2664

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