Ex Boy Buglers Re-Union
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A re-union was held recently (Feb 2003) in Fort Myers Florida between two ex Pompey Boy Buglers Dave Raggett Po/x 5529 & Pat Robinson Po/x 5535, both of whom passed for duty in May 1945 and like the majority of Boy Buglers in those days were shipped off to sea within a month or so of passing for duty.

Although Dave transferred to the ranks and was a member of 498 King's Squad and Pat a member of 508 King's Squad their paths never crossed. Dave like a couple of other ex Pompey Boy Buglers (Frank Slim & Robin Rowe) decided to make the signal branch their vocation; guess they had gotten used to carrying a side drum and thought the radio would be an equivalent? Hence by the time Dave arrived in Hong Kong and 42 Commando Pat who had been injured was getting ready to return to the U.K. so they missed each other again.

Finally in September 2000 (55 years later) they met up briefly at the ex Boy Buglers re-union at Gosport. By sheer chance via the ex Boy Buglers Association News letter "SOUND OFF" Dave read that Pat would be wintering down south in Florida from Ontario Canada, and as Dave would be visiting with his son who resides in Fort Myers decided we should get together and spin a few yarns! This we did a couple of times the two weeks Dave & Judy were in Fort Myers; as can be attested to by the attached pictures.

Pat Robinson

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