Frank Coleman
How not to Photo a Hyena

On our stays at Ingwelala Game reserve, in the Kruger Park, we had Braais (BBQs) each evening, and a pair of Hyenas would get as near as possible hopeing to share our meal. We did not appreciate their company as the body odour was very unpleasant. One time, having had a couple of Castle Lagers, I chased one, (it was getting too near a four year old) having as a weapon a small shovel on an eight foot handle. Fortunately for me the Hyena got away

I tried to take a picture of the pair but on the print all that could be seen was a pair of eyes-red eye included. A not very successful attempt! The film I used was only 100 ISO!

A couple of years later, having bought a new lighter camera I chased one of them clicking away with my new toy. Alas, the exposure showed an out of focus scene that appeared to be sliding off the paper.

On our next visit, I was well prepared, the film was 1000 grain. My nephew and a friend cornered the animal with their torches and it decided to give in and laid down in a supine position expecting me to tickle his tum. I did every thing correct this time but guess what - the film was dud!!

Ingwelala is definitely a must for our next visit, so maybe with luck I will get that picture.

Frank Coleman RMB x1976.



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