An Easter Message

Pete Law

Dear One and all!

What a year it's been, with many new words resounding from our lips i.e. covid 19, lockdown, two meters, face masks etc.

What does Easter mean to me?

As a young boy, up until the age of 16, I always had to go to church as my mom and dad were involved in the running of a big church in Wolverhampton (home of the Mighty Wolves). I sang in the choir, but also learnt to play the drums in the church band. I had a small drum kit in my bedroom and would play along to records, every now then I would have to wind the record player up with a handle (bless) and watch a very heavy needle making deeper grooves in the black vinyl LPs (I wonder if vinyl will ever come back?)

On the 22/3/66, that's 1966 and not 1866! ...... I joined the Royal Marines Band and spent most of my 18yrs travelling around the globe, taking in over 50 nations on Her Majesty's Yacht Britannia, then, the largest privately owned yacht in the world. The Royal Yacht Band would provide all kinds of music for the Royal Family, from jazz, orchestral and military marching displays after the State banquets where we marched along side the Royal Yacht.

One thing I thought I would be free from was going to church, but even when the Royal Family were onboard, whilst at sea, we would have a church service which took place in the state banquet room, which the Royal Yacht Band played for. Also we had to play at many churches, parade grounds both at home and whilst not on the Yacht. Even in my pub on a Friday night the Salvation Army would come round and I would go off to the loo to escape.

In 1977 at the age of 27 I knew there was no 'peace' inside me, and something was missing. Little did I know that during the tour of the world during the Queen's Silver Jubilee (even came to Grimsby on the Royal Yacht) that I would be confronted with the biggest decision of my life, which would change the course of my life and eternity for ever.

A day or two before I arrived back in Portsmouth having finished the world tour. A member of the God Squad/Sky Pilots/Swinging from the Chandler Brigade, Mick Button, gave me a book about people being healed, in the spiritual sense. That got my attention, and I discerned facts that I personally found couldn’t be argued with.

So there I am sitting in the
door way (back aft) that the Queen would walk through, if she was onboard, on my own, and it was explained to me why Jesus, God's Son, came and gave his life and died in my place, so that I could be forgiven. This really got through to me, that He allowed himself to die in my place. It dawned on me that he’d seen everything, both good and bad. I was, shall we say, wine, woman and song + drums (quickly moving on) but He had already forgiven me by dying in my place when He did not ever sin. The book went on to say, did I want to believe that He rose from the dead, and ask to be forgiven? If He died for me by going through all that torture of crucifixion, everyone leaving him etc... I now had to make a decision. I prayed a simple prayer vocally, asking to be forgiven and that I will repent, which means to turn away of those things I’d been forgiven for.

Once back in Portsmouth I started to go to the Pentecostal Church and in spite of no iPhones, face book, word got around the Royal Marines Bands around the country that I had become 'a believer'. As a public statement Jesus said believers must be baptised, fully immersed in water. Up until my becoming a believer I thought that being christened as a baby it got me into heaven, no! That 'peace' that I mentioned earlier had now been answered, and it has remained, in spite of some ups and downs in life, but with no doubting in whom I have believed in and follow, Jesus. He is the one to listen to, and will speak to you, IF you are ready to hear. He is the one who loves you unconditionally and shows who God is.

So, Easter means more to me than just getting eggs and such, it's about the giving of God's Son, Jesus of Nazareth, who loves you.

Thank you for your time to read this. If you have any questions, because of lockdown, you can put your questions to:

Pete Law
170b Castle St

Still have a great time and keep in touch over the Easter period, and have a bigger celebration next year.
All our Love.

Pete & Marlene Law.

Top photo: Early 70s 'sitting in' with Chiz Bishop's ensemble at the Salutation Pub - Portsmouth.
Bottom photo: A recent photo behind my beloved Slingerland Kit which I purchased in New Orleans on a Yacht trip.

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