Bill Hartland & Eric Hayward

Picture is of Eric and myself in his lounge, and if you look closely, you can see pictures of Eric's history in the background.

As mentioned earlier, we were in Sydney together, Eric requested to join the RAAF and I applied to join the NSW Police Band. Eric was successful, and I was disappointed! Eric did exceedingly well becoming something of a Legend in the RAAF, and was promoted to Warrant Officer, and was also the equivalent to our Corps Drum Major, and was honoured with the AVO, or something like that, and he had a chest full of medals to show for his Service. Eric was a Bassoonist and Bass Drum expert for those who may recall him, and he and I joined up together on the same day in 1952, me being RMB/X3050 and Eric RMB/X3051. I did accept one nights accommodation with Jan and Eric, and have been invited to visit them again the next time I go to Australia.

I enjoyed my tour with Jan and Eric around some of the local sites, including a visit to an old Prison modelled on Pentonville! My being ex Prison Service, perhaps Jan and Eric may have thought it would make me feel at home.


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