A Bill Hughes Update

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Hi Dickie,

We are falling apart! Can we get a war pension from the Marines to cover all of this?

As promised here is a photo taken when we were in France last June. I was there with the Band for the 60th D-Day Landing events. We flew into London and Bruno Brown joined us and came over with us. When there guess who we ran into - Roy Kaighan. Here is a photo of Bruno and myself relaxing and Roy Kaighan in his work uniform. Also sent, one of me on a movie shoot with Gene Hackman just before my forced rest.

I had the Burlington Teen Tour Band (200 strong) who were the official Youth representatives from Canada and Roy was there with the Navy Band from British Columbia. We will be heading back overseas next May to Holland and Mr. Bruno Brown will be joining us yet again for a tour - you can't stay away from being on a bus!

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As you know Bruno was over here last September as a 50th birthday surprise - and what a surprise it was! You know the recent events where I was in hospital for ten days being poked, prodded and pulverized like a raw steak. I am now a Conductor with a heart (contrary to the popular reference that a Conductor's heart is so prized for transplants because it hasn't been used). I have now joined a long list of R.M.B. members who have undergone angiogram and angioplasty and stent surgery.

Stephen [Ed: a mutual non ex RMB friend] too was in hospital as they got his blood pressure under control. It looks like we are all breaking down. With all the new parts we should be bionic very soon.

Will chat again soon Dickie and you look after yourself.

My prayers and wishes are with you.

Bill Hughes

[Editor: This news came to me after hearing about Bill's twofold visit to the operating theatre for cardiac surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery. There are too many instances of this amongst us all. At least take an aspirin a day and take a walk now and then for not just your sake, but for us all. We want us all to stick around just a little longer.

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