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Thought you may like the photo I took a few weeks ago.

The majority of the ex members shown are now in the band of the 4d&d (?) the rifle volunteers. we were all on our apwt at HMS Raleigh when Roger Waterfield turned up. He's the one in the seaside combats. As you can see we are well stocked with ex bandies but we are always after new recruits. The music is first class and the pay also so if there are any ex RMB's who fancy carrying on in military music we are in the book. A web site will also be up & running soon.

For those members who have the same trouble as myself putting names to faces they are as follows:

rear - left to right, myself, Andy Stark, Steve Herbert, Eddie Gasser, Bret Chivers.

Front, John Taylor, Andy Clarkson, Colin Crossman, Lucian Priday.

There is one member not in the photo, he was at work, Roger Crossman, brother of Colin. As you can see I have a new email address so I would be grateful if you alter your list.

Cheers for now Rich, see you at the reunion.