Jamie's "Thrash for Cash" ride! - October 1st, 2004!
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"Help support your Band Service Charities!" Make a donation to
Jamie's "Thrash for Cash" ride!

"I had an idea…..!"

To combine and realise four elements of my life so far neglected, passion, obsession, ambition and motivation.

Passion: - Motorcycling! Can't get enough of it. (Just like making love but the joy of it lasts a lot longer!)

Obsession: - To complete The Ironbutt Association's "Saddlesore Ride" - 1000 miles in 24 hours. Starting from Gloucester on 1st October 2004.

Ambition: - To include a visit to The Royal Yacht Britannia now berthed in Edinburgh, (I made a lot of noise on her way back in the early '70's.), and attend the Band Reunion at HMS Nelson, Portsmouth the following day.

Motivation: - Enter - The Band Benevolent Fund and The Band Service Amenities Fund. What better cause of motivation do you need?

"What can YOU do?"

Bring loads of cash/cheques to The Band Reunion!

George Tate, The Corps. Bandmaster (Hope I got that right George?) has agreed to arrange for a collection vessel to be on hand at the reunion. All donations on the night will then be handed over (To The P.D.M. possibly?) and allocated to the two funds. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this I don't have an address for postal donations but if you ring The Blue Band on 02392726173 or George Tate on 02392726161 I'm sure they will provide the relevant details.

Thankyou all, in anticipation. See you in Pompey!

Lynn (Jamie) James.
(Ex RMB 4053)

[Editor] God speed Jamie.
Be safe and see you at the reunion.