Charlie Lashmar

Hi Richard,

Nice to hear from you this morning. I have visited the site this morning and have seen what you posted on the notice board. Very kind of you. As regards the pic, I can resend it to you in the hope that you may be able to do more with it, but it does not look too bad to me, perhaps it was taken too far away to see the band members more clearly.

I think that you are correct in saying that Chris (Boots) Taylor did follow Roy Nash as DOM. Whale Island when Roy left, although I am not absolutely certain. I mentioned your E/Mail to Ken Tyler who was also keen to contact Roy, and who did so soon after you helped us out. He may be able to confirm your question. I remember well Drummy Dillon, but I have not seen or heard from him since the day I left Whale Island for Singapore. I did hear that after he left he became a probation officer.

Charlie LashmarYou may have noticed that I have been able to contact my old flute instructor, Charlie Lashmar (once again with the help of yourself and Maxie Beare) Charlie has had a stroke, and is having spells of a couple of weeks in a respite home to give his wife Celia a break. Maxie has been keeping in contact with them and told me recently that he together with a chap named Joe Simms ex RMBX2231 and Bill Hartland (who was visiting New Zealand from U/K), went to see Charlie and his wife and says that they had a great time, almost the makings of massed bands. They later took Charlie out for lunch. Sounds as though they really went out of their way to cheer Charlie and Celia up. It is nice to think that where ever ex RMB'S are in the world, there is always someone to look out for Ex Bandies. Have attached a pic of Charlie that was taken on their visit.

All the best from Nobby Clarke.



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