Mik Hickman - 'Memories' - EX RMB Reunion 2003'
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'Memories', 'Oh, What a night', 'I Remember You'. I suppose one could come up with many first lines of song to describe the events of the reunion weekend of 2003. What a superb weekend it was. To me it was like the Massed Bands in years gone by when we had plenty of musicians to perform. Like 1964 for example, 28 across on Horse Guards. So many people, so many memories sprung to mind on Saturday 4 October 2003. Surely ALL of our thanks must go to Barry and his team for getting so many people together for such an enjoyable weekend. I doubt there is anyone who was there could say they managed to speak to everyone they had known. For me it was so good to see so many ex-members of the Hermes Band first commission 1960/1961, especially Jimmy Morrow solo clarinet not seen since we paid off in Portsmouth 1961. That year Jim left the Band Service. The Beat Retreat on Saturday was, as usual, exemplary. I must admit as Malcolm Beaver will verify that 'A Little Bitty Tear Let Me Down' as I am sure it probably did many others. The church service was as poignant as always, I thought the fanfare team was one of the best we have heard for years. The rest of Sunday is a blur of Dave Seed, Tony Oliver, Malc (Biff) Beaver, Jamie (Paddy) Semple and a few others spending a few more happy hours in Weatherspoons once we left the RMA . Thanks pals it was great. My thanks to all who I spoke to and served with, You were mates then and you still are today.

Take care of yourselves, be happy in all you do over the next 12 months and hopefully, God Willing, we will meet again in 2004. Maybe not so many, but I am sure a good number will make the effort. Good Luck to you all, see you in the countermarch.

Mik Hickman

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