Frank 'Oscar' Richards

Sometimes people whom we have known as ordinary mortals quietly achieve heights of attainment and endearment that are worthy of wider recognition. I have just leaned that one of our number, ‘Oscar’ Richards, has finally retired from being School Marshall of the Sevenoaks Grammar School in Kent. Member of Staff, Jane Henshaw - Head of English, has marked his retirement with a farewell valediction - a copy of which I attach for your interest. ‘Oscar’ was a valued percussionist in the Corps and served with me in the Royal Yacht as well as in Deal whilst I was PDM. He has stayed in contact with me over many years and never lost his fervent Esprit-de-Corps. I am delighted to know how well respected he has been whilst with Sevenoaks School, a hugely respected educational establishment in Kent. I am hoping that you may feel it within your remit to place this valediction on your splendid web-page for many colleagues will remember ‘Oscar’ as a real Band Service character and be delighted to read of his success in civilian employment. Graham Hoskins.

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