The Royal Marines Band Service Memorial Garden
“Imprimatur”- A persons authoritative approval by Graham Hoskins

Further to Adrian Brett’s excellent appraisal of events in Deal to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the RMSM 1989 Bombing please allow me to make a personal comment. His words must not lead colleagues to incorrectly assume that I may be partly responsible for the new memorial plaque. David Yates is the person responsible for the design and implementation of the bronze plaque now in situ in the Memorial Garden. He has endured personal anguish over recent months as the 30th anniversary neared and promised deadlines were not being met by the manufacturers. It was he who, with a severe back problem, finally lifted and held his heavy plaque in position whist it was finally secured permanently to the wall. His, and future generations will always have David to thank for his foresight, determination to succeed and confidence in his original idea. He also obtained the necessary financial support for his venture from Corps Charities. He is to be heartily commended and I gladly lead the applause for his unstinting efforts that came to a wonderful climax on Sunday here at Deal as the plaque was Blessed by Bob Simmonds’ bereaved sister Jane who, as always, took the 8am Service. I was proud to be there and Adrian’s use of the word “imprimatur” surely indicates that the events of Sunday were to the approval of absolutely all of our band of brothers. We all now salute David Yates and what he has achieved.

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