TREVOR LINTOTT - RMB/X2448 - Solo Cornet
Trevor Lintott
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Buenos Dias Dickie,

I attach another document that predates the days of a Principal Director of Music! Can anyone trace the No.1 CG Squad? Alas I went to sea in Nov '49 for two and a half years leaving many younger members of my 103 squad of the Royal Naval School of Music for the further necessary corrective training required in Deal and for this photograph of No.2 CG Squad. I correspond with one of the real 'gentlemen' of the Band Service shown, ex QMS (WO Bandmaster) Eric R. Jackson, aged 93 and living in New Zealand.

Thank you so much for the great job you do with this valuable site and my regards to all your readers and all I served with.

Trevor Lintott RMB/X2448
Solo Cornet & broom

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