Annual Walmer Bandstand re-dedication and concert

Two weeks ago the promised annual return of a Corps Band to rededicate, and perform on, the Deal Memorial Bandstand was again appreciated by a huge audience. The band had traveled all the way from HMS RALEIGH in Cornwall to fulfil this obligation and they were superb. Their appearance attracted people from far and near with the CGRM and civic dignitaries adding colour to the occasion. As always a section of the audience seating had been reserved for bereaved families who were there in number. The re-dedication and wreath-laying part of the afternoon this year ended the first half of the concert and was as poignant as it always has been. The Corps of Drummers & Buglers, led by an immaculate Bugle Major, added precision and sparkle to the visually moving ceremony. Again this year Deal has been treated to exceptional musical performance by talented musicians who show their uniformed pride with smiling confidence. Each individual seems noticeably aware of their part in what is a uniquely spirited afternoon back in the town where appreciation for Royal Marines is part of the fabric. On behalf of all who were there, so impressed by all they saw and heard, may I thank our uniformed colleagues who made the trek from the West Country. You warmed the hearts of residents and visitors to the town of Deal alike on yet another memorable summer Sunday here by the sea.

Graham Hoskins

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