Seven Seas Mariner
Like Max, I received an e-mail from Steve Quirk soon after he found he had been given this gig. In fact he was telling us that he was in the bath when he received the call-up with four days notice. I’m also led to believe that it was the fault of Alan Web and a Shipwrecks session that convinced Steve to join the Radisson group. My Wife (Sue), Mother (Molly) and I had a fantastic time aboard the “Seven Seas Mariner” and were treated to a fantastic lunch.

It was 12 years ago that Steve and I got together in Melbourne after the Ark Royal let the band go on leave and they were to meet again in Melbourne. This time I received the call from Steve asking if it was possible to put him up for a few days while he was in town. Unbeknown to me, at the time, a coach load followed. There were boot-necks all over the house, sleeping where they could or fell. The band members went to meet the Ark Royal at Station pier, Melbourne, and were gob - smacked when they discovered that she was not coming into port. The band then moved all their equipment from RFA Fort Grange to the RAAF Base Laverton, where I was serving with the RAAF Central Band.

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