HMS Hermes Band - February 1966

Hello Dickie.

Please include this on the band site. It is the ruby anniversary of the formation February of the band for H.M.S. Hermes in 1966.

Posh Picture back row --Jeff Etteridge--Bart Bartholomew--Mick Eastbrook-

middle row--Stan ?--Henry Monaghan--Flash Forsdick--Eddie Gasser--?--Pete Beard--Jake Palmer--Bob Brown--Barry Pettit--Gary Brownrigg--Denny Marsh--Ginge Couch--Ticker Butterworth.

front row-- Bob Loft--Tom Rumney---Lt/Com K.K. Brown--Capt T.T. Lewin--?---B/m Keith Sharp--George Simpson


Ascension Island - South Atlantic

Gary Brownrigg--Ian Butterworth--Bob Brown--Ginge Couch--Keith Sharp--Jake Palmer--George Simpson--Bart--Pete Beard--Mick Eastbrook



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