Andy Hill & Richard Wright meet again!

I do trust that the envelope I gave you containing the additional photos & screed of explanation arrived with you safely back in the USA.

You asked me to explain the odd circumstances behind Andy Hill, the Lovelock harmony book & myself in the photo you took. Andy is one of two (obviously) identical twins. He plays the trombone; his brother James the tuba. They come from Kettering, Northamptonshire & at various times came under my baton in County groups. Andy attended a local Comprehensive school for his 'A' level music (not the one he attended regularly) & was told that he would never make a musician by the then Head of Music. He has just left the RMB gaining his B.Mus. before doing so. I have had the satisfaction of informing said teacher of this fact & he was gracious enough to ask me to convey his congratulations to Andy which I have done some months ago.

I retired as a Head teacher some 4 years ago & was immediately asked to help out a former colleague who had been let down by a teacher literally on the first day of term. I pointed out that I was not junior trained, but he said that he was desperate (he must have been!) so I took up the position. After a term, he found a permanent replacement.

In the meantime, the aforesaid Head of Music had to go for an operation & I was approached to replace him. I accepted (I'll do anything for money--well, most things.) The department really needed a good clear-out so I made a start. I came across a pile of Lovelock First Year Harmony books & thought to myself "Ahh! Corporal's course". For old times sake I opened it & found two names, one being Andy's with a 1970's date inscribed. All the details of the previous things I've mentioned sprang to life!

Last reunion (2005) I couldn't attend because my wife Tuula had a foot operation a few days before & I naturally wanted to look after her. The photograph you took was of Andy being reunited with the theory book after some 30 years had passed.

If you find this story of any use for the excellent site you run, please feel free to use it, abridge it if you feel it would benefit from so doing. You can add it under the material I gave you on Saturday evening as that relates directly to the previous submission. It could be placed under the photo. you took of us at the bar. It will need a separate heading in my section of the Notice Board.

I did enjoy meeting you. Again I must say how very much I appreciate your site, visiting it virtually daily. Do keep up the good work & accept my thanks plus all the others who benefit from its use & probably don't say anything until it goes wrong!

Kindest Regards & Best Wishes,

Richard 'Shiner' Wright