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Dear Rich,

I hope I have got the system sorted ok so that it is possible to reproduce this photo and e-mail.

I was looking through my "lamp swinging" pictures and I came across this one, of many. As you may be able to make out it is the Bandmasters class of 1959 and I was wondering if it evokes memories for a few people.

As the printing will be rather small I will reproduce it as follows.. B/Sgts Wastall, Ford, Banning, Bower, Borrington, Sgt Jock Brown, Sgt.Sarjano, Cpt.Neville Mr Hurd, Col Houghton, Col F.V.Dunn, B/mstr Coxon, Sgt Hardjano

Sadly I appreciate that many of the assembled company are no longer with us but it would be lovely to hear from any who may recognise themselves after the lapse of 43 years.

John Bower RMBX2345

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