John Harman-Meir

Dear Richard,

It's 40 years since I left the RMB and I have tried and failed several times to contact old friends. I did however recently join facebook which I did not know about until 2 weeks ago. Toby Locke has been a great help. My number was RMB 3696 and I am sending you a couple of squad photos from 58 and 61.

I would love to make contact with old friends. I did try e-mailing Mike Logan and Jeremy Tugwood from the info on your site but received mail failures back. I would like to make contributions to your fund and need details of how to pay subs. Music has been very kind to me and I have had a successful career. Much of which I owe to the RMB. It is 50 years in June 08 since I joined and feel it is time for me to re visit friends from that period of my life. I used to have the mickey taken at the RMB School when attending education classes and was for some reason called "the prof". I am glad I was, as I did end up for a good part of my career outside the RMB in Education in England, Portugal and Hong Kong.

Saw a pic of George Latham on your site and assume it was the same George that was in the Plymouth Group Band in the 60's. George if I remember was very clever with a particular skill. He could play God Save the Queen (euphonium) and at the same time add the harmony with his voice!

I look forward to hearing from you Richard if you can help me with any emails etc or pass on my contact to the web site you have.

Kind regards

John Meir < e mail address


I am now enjoying retirement in Melbourne Australia.

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