HMS Swiftsure 1952
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Hi Ritchie,

Thanks for your message re Howstrake. I'm hopefully attaching another photo which may be of interest to some. It is the band of HMS Swiftsure circa 1952 giving a concert in Reykjavik.

We were on our way to Helsinki for the 1952 Olympic Games. We were only a band of 15 but had been augmented by a few bod's because of the occasion so we even had a bassoon and French horn! I can name most of the band :- the Bandmaster was W.J. Gordon who I understand died quite young and possibly while still serving. The B/Sgt was Bill Moth who for some reason wasn't playing the concert.

The others are left to right - Euph-Jane Eyre. Flute-Cpl Harrington. Bass-Sharp. 1st Clarts:- Colin Turner and David Webster. Bassoon-Percy Head. 2nd Clart Ginge Deacon. Tenor Sax Ben Duffy. 3rd Clart '?'. French Horn Cpl. Lowry. 2nd Cornets Roger Keys and '?'. !st Cornets Roy Bowring and Derby Hopkinson. Trombone-Paxton. Hidden behind the B/M were the percussionists (they were drummers in those days because we couldn't spell percussionist) George Farmer and Griffin and the alto sax player who I can't recall. If anyone can name the unidentified then I would like to know.

See you in the counter march.

David Webster

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