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The RMB Reunion 2010
by Tom Lambert (Capt.RM rtd)
An Appreciation

My Dear Richard,

I have just spent the last hour or so carefully perusing the various letters and photographs, (particularly the photographs) of the Reunion. What a feast of memories for people to have. Is it possible for you to post this letter to show how much appreciation some of us do have that people have the nous and the consideration to do things like this. Quite obviously it was a raging success both aurally and visually, and gustatory from the many comments made about the tucker, wonderful! CVO's all round I should say.

I am so glad to see my old band so well represented there and Dave Seed (funny I never did know his Christian name in my time) seems to be a regular attender. Also your particular chum* the trombone player (oh dear, now his name has temporarily flown out of my mind). Adrian Brett, it was particularly delightful to read his account. I spent a very pleasurable hour looking over his shoulder in the band room one day whilst he blew up a storm with a couple of Sonatas he happened to be learning. I forget the composer now though he may remember. What a wonderful time and it was also nice to see Dave Hough's name mentioned, a particular friend.

For readers of this website, those amongst the newest generation, they should take particular notice of just how much these things make an impact after so much time, (oh I must mention Jem Tugwood, he wrote a fascinating account of it all) I am sorry if this is all so disjointed, and if I fail to mention anyone it is an old man's failure, sorry.

Young people, I plead with you to "embed" in the journalistic sense with your colleagues of today, they will always mean so much to you. Anybody from Pompey Band '66---'70 wishes to write, please do..

Blessings to you all.

Ever Tom (Lambert) email Tom <Here>

* Tony Oliver - one of the finest people I know - Dickie Valentine.


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