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Dear Richard.

I was a member of that band and a really fine band it was. I played alongside one of the finest players we ever had on both euphonium and cello, namely Bd Cpl Dennis Dent. The music chosen for the concerts was pretty ordinary stuff and it was directed by Captains Maclean, and Tommy Lang, musical opposites. I cannot now remember the lapel badge but I do remember that a certain member of the band had been tormenting merry hell out of dear old Drummy "Charley" Bowden. Our last function was to march through the city, as we had done several times previously and I remember that I was standing talking to Charley and several others before we fell in for the march.

The tormentor, with a beatific smile on his face came up to the group and said words to the effect that he realized he had been a pain in the Khyber to Drummy all week, but with the end in sight he hoped Drummy would forgive him and could they shake hands. Charley, a man of great compassion extended his beautifully clean gauntlet and said "OK, that's alright then" This ghastly fellow then gripped Drummy's right hand and crunched it between his own. It contained a fresh raw egg, and there was nothing that Drummy could do about it. It was time to fall in and get going. How Charley managed the staff during that march I'll never know, slithering about in his hand as it did. A great gig, that one, and the only one I ever did where every meal, and I mean every meal, was accompanied by a bottle of wine for every member.

Happy Days.

Tom Lambert

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