Phoenicia Band in Bari, Italy around 1957-58.
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Phoenicia Band in Italy
Dear Dickie,

It has been a long time since I have written in to you, I was prompted to do so now after seeing Mike Hutton's Malta pic's. I dug out this one from an old album of Phoenicia Band in Bari, Italy around 1957-58.

I think Pete Sumner was in charge at the time with a Drum major O'Keefe out the front. Dougie Drake is on cymbals and Jeff Ingram bass drum. Bob Shadbolt on tenor drum and Bob Gawn Per'c. I'm somewhere at the back alongside little Nobby Clarke (P E Clarke) top left hand corner I think.

I can remember that GCBs were worn on No1s as can be seen on some of the buglers arms. Can any one shed any light as to when this practice started and finished. I cannot remember any more names in the band at the time but if you are out there let me know. I hope this putting a picture in an e-mail works as it is the first time I have tried it.

All the best

Nobby Clark RMBX 3147.

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